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 Forum Rules

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PostSubject: Forum Rules    Sat Apr 28, 2012 11:53 pm

As the terms of UCE, there are some rules about posting on the forums.

No trolling. Acting like a jackass for the sake of pissing people off? That's a paddlin'. This includes posts that are obviously offensive to a huge group of people (racism, sexism, religion, console fanboy flame wars, etc.) as well as targeting individual users.

No flaming. Arguments are fine. Gigantic rants of spiteful hate are not. If things are getting out of hand, we have the right to step in and settle the situation by whatever means we see necessary. This can range from closing a thread to issuing temporary bans as a "time out" for the offending users.

Double Posting. Whenever you reply to your topic or post, make sure you don't double post. Such as posting after you did. That is called spam. We give warnings for that and it shouldn't expand more than that. If you want to add some more detail for whatever you're making, just press the EDIT botton.

Spamming and general douchebaggery. This should be a given, but obviously some users are oblivious to it. So, for the record: Derailing topics, starting up arguments and then complaining to moderators when you get blasted, posting in the wrong section because "your thread will get more views", etc. counts as douchebaggery. NOTE: THIS RULE IS HIGHLY SUBJECTIVE SO USE YOUR COMMON SENSE.

No wares or piracy. While we might not be the biggest fans of the MPAA, RIAA or any of their kin, we do support the hard work of the men and women who develop the products we love. This means you can't request, link to, refer, or discuss (loose term there - use your common sense) illegally-obtained, copyrighted material.

No advertising 3rd party sites. Links from your signature or profile is fine, but starting a new thread or bombarding other users with PM's won't be tolerated.

No impersonation of other users, staff members employees. In other words, don't be an idiot.

No creation of spam threads. These are addressed on a case-by-case basis, but are fairly easy to spot: single-word posts, "forum games" (which basically involve you doing something silly, such as posting a single word or a number or something else meaningless), and so on will generally be cracked down on. It is ultimately left to our forum team to decide whether or not a particular thread is considered spam.

Staff/Admin Postion App.There are many questions that I am answering frequently which are, "Can I be staff?" and when I say no: "Why?". NOTE: You don't come to us if we think your ready for staff, we come to you. As long as you abide by the rules, you have more of a probability of becoming Staff.

A popular saying from many forums:

"Remember, you are a guest on a free service. Our moderators and admins reserve the right to remove you from these forums at any time for any reason. You have no rights and may make no demands."

If you need some more help, please look at the FAQ above. Send one of the admins a PM if you need to do so...


These are the rules. Learn them, abide by them, and study them...
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Forum Rules
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