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 Life Role Play Rules

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PostSubject: Life Role Play Rules   Fri Apr 27, 2012 8:45 pm

GTA IV: Life Roleplay Rules

With the restart of our life roleplays, the staff felt we needed some changes and removal to our old rules list. I have compiled a new list, along with new properties. As you note money is less abundant, so use this a chance to roleplay more than gain collectibles like property.

General Rules:

Random Death Matching - You cannont just walk around killing other players with no purpose. Example: You walk into a Burger Shot, pull out your pistol and kill another player. THIS CANNOT BE DONE unless you have a valid roleplay reason.

Fear Factor - If someone pulls a weapon out on you, you aren't allowed to bring out a weapon of your own unless they say so. You must rule-compliant instructions given by this person. Example: Audi points a gun at you and tells you to sit down. You must restrain from pulling out a gun and follow his instructions to sit down.

Metagaming - Using Out Of Character knowledge to further your roleplay character's expierence. Example: You read on the forum that a player you are trying to kill lives in Niko's Alderney house. You MAY NOT go to the house in Alderney to kill him unless someone tells you this information in-game.

Revenging Killing - If you are sent to the hospital by another player, you may not find them and kill them in response to your previous death. Example: John kills you with a roleplay purpose. When you get out of the hospital you drive to his location and shoot him. This CANNOT be done as you lost your memory.

New Life Rule - When you are killed you have no knowledge as to where you were upon death, who killed you, why they killed you, and how they killed you. You remember everything else. Example: Officer Tom shoots Nick in a setup drug deal. Nick cannot go to the cop and express anger or rk because he has no memory that the cop did anything to him.

Asspulling - You cannot pull a two-handed weapon out of thin air. If you want to use an AK-47 in a firefight, you must exit a vehicle or retrieve it from a location and continue to hold it until you store it again. Two-handed guns may be stored in cars or houses if you wish to not hold it anymore. This doesn't apply to one handed weapons. Example: Aaron gets a tipoff that police will be raiding his home. He sees them while he is standing in the middle of the street and switches to his AK. This isn't allowed unless he runs to a car that he stored it in to retrieve it.

Car Killing - Your car is not a weapon under any circumstance. It is not to be used in a fight to injure an enemy, nor run over random civilians. Example: Alex sees a rival gang member while he is driving in his Sultan. He excels the vehicle forward and kills his rival by running him over. This ISN'T ALLOWED because he injured the rival via car ramming.

Item Use - Don't use what you don't have. You can't use a shotgun/vest/drug...etc if you don't actually own it. Example: Jim sells tony some weed but Jim never purchased or planted any weed to sell. This CANNOT be done becaause Jim never had weed in the first place.

In-Game Specific Rules:

Start of Game Money - Players begin the game with $1000 that can be used to purchase whatever they wish and give them a jumpstart to success.

Housing and Businesses - Players are often interested in buying property to live in or work out of. In order to do this, they must search throught the property list, and then contact a predetermined administrator or staff in-game with the information of what property they want. If you wish to start a business such as a cab service, you need a building to operate out of that will be purchased from your own expenses. Jobs that have buildings provided for them will be the Legitmate Gun Dealer, Police, Lawyer, Doctor, and Banker, however these positions must purchase their own business once they get the money to do so and $2000 left over after the purchase. Only one house may be purchased per player, but any amount of people may stay in an already purchased home if the owner gives them permission whether for rent or free. The only way to collect revenue from a business is to have someone working at it for a daily shift. If you are a business owner you may work at a maximum of two of your businesses yourself, but you will need to hire additional workers if you wish to collect revenue for 3 or more businesses.

Play Your Role - You must abide by the rules of your chosen characters lifestyle. This means that if you are a civilian, you will not be participating in drug trafficing, firefights with the cops, or robbing other players. If you do murder someone, it must be with roleplay purposes (they robbed you/threatened you life..etc). Do as a real life equivalent of your chararcter would do in everyday life.

Purchasing a Weapon - Weapons may be purchased legally from the gun dealer or they can be purchased illeaglly from the black market (gangs). A gun purchased from the dealer will give the customer a license which allows the to keep the gun if they are arrested for a non-gun related crime. If they have a gun without a license it will be taken no matter what from police during any arrest and the player will recieve a fine and jail time. While having an AK-47 is great, it's not needed by a store clerk. If you are a civilian, resist the urge to buy a weapon unless you need it for role-play purposes such as self defense.

Vehicles - Players must purchase a license from a designated staff or administrator in-game if they wish to drive legally. Players may drive illeaglly, but if they are caught by police they will pay a heavy fine and do an extended jail sentence. Regular license allows you to ride in non-sports vehicles legally. Luxury license gives you the right to drive sports cars legally also. Boat license allows you to sail boats legally. Pilot license allows you to fly helicopters legally. Regular license MUST be purchased before a luxury license can be purchased. Pilots are required to recieve flight training by an established pilot prior to their being able to fly.
Regular License - $350
Luxury License - $3000
Boat License - $500
Pilot License - $15000

State Owned - If a property is owned by the state, it is temporarily owned by the host just as a means for players to get jobs. State owned properties CAN BE PURCHASED, and will probably only be owned until enough businesses have been purchased for the role play's to go smoothly.

Gangs - Gangs may be established in-game if players meet together and wish to form a criminal empire. A gang must have a valid hideout/base of operations to form. The roleplay will be limited to four gangs with a maximum of 6 players per gang, and if you wish to create a gang you will be questioned by a staff member. Only 2 gangs will be allowed in each role play. If two gangs are in game, they must limit their size to 3 players per team. If only one gang is in game, they must limit their size to 4 players. Gangs are required to make a post on the website with information about themselves including a ranking system, member list, owned property list, and history. Do not create a gang post if your gang hasn't been validated.

Drugs - Drugs are to be sold by a dealer in-game whether it be a lone criminal, or a gang outfit. Drugs may be imported from ship, grown, or purchased from a doctor and/or other dealers. Suggested prices are posted below, but you do not have to follow them. If drugs are imported via cargo ship, a 50% tax must be paid on each sale. For example: Your a drug organization that imports 1lb of marijuana that you will attempt to sell on the street for $1600. You must pay/subtract $800 from you money at the moment of importation for taxation purposes.
Weed: $100 per ounce
Cocaine: $50 per gram
Pills: $10 per pill
Heroine: $25 per gram

Working - Players may work in up to two jobs per day, as long as they have different shifts for each job, but keep it realistic; A player who is a doctor isn't going to have a second shift as a fast-food cashier.

Job List:

This list shows some jobs player may. These jobs are not the only jobs players may have, just a helpful listing of potential jobs to get careers started.

Laywer:$1200 per game. Can charge any chosen price to customer based on the case they are defending them in.

Doctor:$1200 per game. $100 per heal if a player requests a heal (healing lets the injured person obtain a healthpack). $150 per character death.

Cashier: Minimum of $75 per day, but can be offered more by owner of business. Must work 6-8 hour shifts. Works at desk and counter jobs such as fast food, restraunt, sales clerk.

Banker: $100 per day. Additional salary made through fees. A banker is a player that is in charge of providing a safe place for players to put money, purchase health insurance, and take out loans. Loans are only to be provided for the purpose of attending school, and are to be paid in full with a 25% addition to the loan price. Health insurance costs $75, and if purchased players do not have to pay the $150 death fee for the entire game unless they die via not eating. Bankers make money through fees such as Opening an Account, Depositing Fee, Withdrawl Fee, Interest on a loan, and all money paid for health insurance.

Laborer: Minimum of $75 per day, but can be offered more by owner of business. Must work 6-8 hour shifts. Works at outside jobs such as Cargo Ships, Docks, Cargo Transportation.

Bodyguard: Salary discussed with owner at time of employment. A bodyguard works for a company or person, and their job is to guard a building or characters safety with their life. They may help important people avoid injury or death, chauffer around the famous, guard prisoners, or stand watch at a business.

Criminal: No Salary. Criminals make money through illegle activities such as robbery, kidnapping, trafficing, extortion...etc. This requires an extremely good roleplayer because of the lawlessness of their role. Criminals may only commit one violent/potentially violent crime per day (kidnapping, robbery), but drug and weapons trafficing may be done at an unlimited amount. Robbery amounts are as follows:
Mugging: $50
Robbing a Store: $300
Kidnapping: $800

Businessman/Real Estate Typhoon: Makes a living by purchasing business and collecting revenue from them. This job can usually only be done once the player has made money in another way so they can afford to purchase said businesses. Business CANNOT collect revenue if players aren't working in their stores, but a businessman may run two of his stores by himself.

Public Transportation: Minimum of $75 per day, but can be offered more by owner of business. The job of a public transportation player is to provide a means of getting around the city for players who do not drive or are stranded. You may receive phone calls and pick people up, or make a regulated route that you follow each game. Vehicles to be used are taxi's and buses. Public transportation employees may charge additional fees for the actual transportation of players and are to inform players of their pricing before players enter their vehicle.

Gun Dealer: $35 per day. Additional salary made through sale commission.. All legitamate gun purchases are made through the gun dealer, and any gun purchased from them will reward the customer with a license for that gun. This means that if they own a license for a gun, it cannot be seized by police if the player is arrested for a non-gun related charge. The gun dealer makes no salary, rather a commission for each gun sale. A chart for prices guns are sold at and commission they bring the Gun Dealer is found below.
Knife: Sell for $50 | Receive $10
Glock: Sell for $1200 | Receive $150
Mini Uzi: Sell for $2500 | Receive $400
SMG: Sell for $2700 | Receive $400
Pump Action: Sell for $3300 | Receive $600
Auto: Sell for $3600 | Receive $600
Ak47: Sell for $12000 | Receive $1500
AR15: Sell for $14000 | Receive $1500

Police $350 per game. $50 per successful arrest (this means the person either admitted being guilty and skipped a court case, or lost in court). Any tickets that a player is forced to pay upon arrest ARE NOT awarded to the arresting officer. A list of tickets and jail sentencing can be found below. The job of a police officer is to make sure all laws and rules of the roleplay are upheld. This requires extreme patience and a level of roleplay that rivals any other job in-game. Police must use neccasary force when responding to any situation and be careful with how they deal with crimes. All real life crimes are to be enforced such as evading arrest, assault, possession...etc. Police will be forced to check licenses via the forums when people are arrested, transport suspects to jail, and have a deep understanding of laws. If a criminal wishes for a court case, they will be sent to the North Holland P.D., where they may post bail. Time served at NH P.D. does not count as part of their jail sentence. If they wish to skip court, they may go straight to the Alderney Correctional Facility, where their jailtime will begin. Players may not escape from jail unless they are broken out by a seperate player who kills the player guarding the prisoner and frees them, or forces the player guarding the prisoner to free the prisoner. In order to handcuff a player, you must punch their character.
Speeding: $50
Running a redlight: $50
Reckless Driving: $150
DUI: $100 and 5 minutes in jail.
Driving without a license: $400 and 10 minutes in jail
Vehicle Accident: $200 and 5 minutes in jail
Hit 'n' Run: $500 and 15 minutes in jail
Grand Theft Auto: $200 and 5 minutes in jail
Drug Possession: $100
Drug Trafficing: $500 and 15 minutes in jail
Arms Possession: $500 and 15 minutes in jail
Arms Trafficng: $2500 and 20 minutes in jail
Evading Arrest: $300 and 10 minutes in jail
Insubordination: $300 and 10 minutes in jail
Bribery: $300 and 5 minutes in jail
Assault: $500 and 20 minutes in jail
Assault with a Deadly Weapon: $750 and 20 minutes in jail
Discharging a Firearm: $300 and 5 minutes in jail
Murder: $2500 and the 45 minutes in jail
Execution (Player Kill): Life in Prison (Must create a new character)
Robbery: Money earned via robbery is returned and $500 fine added and 20 minutes in jail
Kidnapping: Money earned via kidnap is returned and $1000 fine added and 30 minutes in jail
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Life Role Play Rules
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